Started a new role
After my time at Microsoft, I landed at Wayfair. I was one of the first groups of engineers to go through their then-new Wayfair Labs program. The Labs program was designed for people who were either straight out of school or had just a few years of professional experience. The idea was to help bridge the gap between school and full-time work, while giving us a chance to work with a few different teams. At the end of the 3-month program, we were then assigned to a team full-time. The Labs program was amazing, and I think it was a huge asset for Wayfair.

Being one of the first groups, there were certainly some bumps in the road (like we didn't know that it was technically a 3-month internship 😬). But it was still highly worth it and I'd love to see other companies offer something similar.

As I started working with the iOS team at Wayfair, I worked on a project to enable deferred deep linking from Facebook ads into our app. That is to say, if you saw an ad on Facebook for the "Christmas Tree Sale", we wanted to take you to the "Christmas Tree Sale", no matter if you already had the app or if you had to install the app first. It worked, but it was nearly impossible to test.